Long-range shooting with QR codes


Long-range shooting with QR codes

Scan & Shoot

One shot is enough.

Scan & Shoot

One shot is enough.

Easy-to-use ballistics.

Our goal is to make long-range shooting easier. 

Ballistic tables on paper are cumbersome. And have you ever struggled with complicated or unfriendly ballistic rangefinders? Too many buttons, downloading phone apps, swapping SD cards — we have seen it all.

The solution seems simple — scan a QR code with everything needed. Let our software compute the ballistics. And shoot.

Are you an optics manufacturer?

Novel approach to ballistics

We offer a novel and very simple solution for integrated ballistic rangefinders. Our ballistic software fully supports complete ballistic computations inside an embedded device. We have already developed a hardware prototype as a proof of concept.


We are offering the prototype, software and/or cooperation for laser rangefinder or riflescope manufacturers interested in embedding the ballistics module into your final product.

Get in touch with us

Are you interested? Read more about us and the concept and contact us!


We have developed a hardware prototype with needed  functionality.

Ammunition via QR codes

Scan a QR code with muzzle velocity and ballistic coeficient. The generation of QR code is described here.

Atmosphere measurement

Temperature, pressure and atmospheric humidity are measured automatically.

Distance measurement

Locate the exact spot you want to shoot at and measure the distance using built-in laser distance meter. Optical equipment is needed.

Offline Ballistic Computation

The bullet information and atmospheric conditions are factored into computation on embedded CPU (without internet connection).

Display the results in real time

Height and side corrections are displayed or automatically accounted for to allow for precise shooting.

About Scan&Shoot

We have expertise in making precise ballistics software from ground up. It does not matter if you are shooting with a handgun or a sniper rifle — we have you covered with our extensive bullet database.

The ultimate goal of Scan&Shoot is to painlessly deliver this experience directly to your instrument of choice — with QR codes. We already have a prototype!

This is a project branching from ballistics calculator, Ballistica® X. It is user friendly and yet, very accurate.

Arbitrary atmospheric conditions and, large database of various ammunition, custom drag profiles and more  is included.

Some Czech ammo-manufacturing companies already using our software Ballistica® X: